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Welcome to the Kerlnel.

Kerlnel is a project trying to move the erlang runtime closer to bare metal. Most modern operating systems get in the way of performance for the sake of being everything to everyone. We don't really care about everything, we just care about performance.

Please submit your interest here if you'd like to help.

How is it different?

We want to take the unparalleled performance of concurrency in Erlang and get it as close to the metal as possible. OS threads, processes, user-space, context switching, bad memory management, and ancient scheduling patterns are things we are trying to avoid. We want to get it working on some common hardware, suitable for high performance computing (HPC) with unmatched performance - but do not expect to run it on a phone or a watch. Some attempts have been made to do this already like but they are closed source, and won't get the full benefit of running the erlang runtime in kernel space.

How is it similar?

We are trying to take existing projects like Ian Seyler's Bare Metal Pure64, and Kostis Sagonas/Yiannis Tsiouris's Erlang in LLVM and bring them together into a well oiled high performance machine. Initially we need to look at improving some hardware support, and add targets to new and upcoming architectures (like Parallella clusters.)

Authors and Contributors

So far... Andrew Grosser (@dioptre), Darren Mackay (@darren-dmerfc).

Support or Contact

Check out the issues list at or contact